Monday, August 27, 2012

Creating Moments

We have a mouse in our apartment, or rather in our building, and it feels the needs to scamper across our kitchen counter every other day or so.  Gross!  It is a teeny little thing.  So small that it's weight is not enough to set off any of the dozen traps we have tried to set to catch him!  Needless to say I spent some of this weekend cleaning...and by cleaning I mean scouring every inch of our floor for crumbs that may provide a snack to our small critter.   

In my cleaning frenzy I remembered reading something about creating moments in your home;  small vignettes that make you peaceful and glad to be home.  I inadvertently have attempted to do this in the past, but yesterday I really took notice, and created a couple more.  Our apartment is really no bigger than some people's closets but that doesn't mean it can't be charming right?!  Creating moments in life is sometimes hard, but by looking at these small nooks in my space it urges me to take a peaceful pause to thank God for the life that I have and the people in it.  It was really refreshing!

Oh right, the last picture.  Well Zep has a moment almost daily when the sun shines through our window in the afternoon, and he can finally take a snooze in the warmth.  When I am home on the weekend, he drags his blanket over to me so that I will make a little bed for him by the window.  It is really the cutest, and yet another moment that makes me smile.

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