Monday, August 13, 2012

This Summer...

Well it has been quite a summer if I do say so myself.  It started with the culmination of an insanely hard time in my work life.  After many months of battling with myself, I finally quit my job and got a new one.  I am so relieved, but at the same time it has also taken it's toll leaving me exhausted.  It's easy to forget how tiring it is to be in a new place with new people, and a new routine.  However, things seem to be falling into place, my new job is great, my co-workers are equally fab, and I am finally feeling back to normal again.

In the midst of my career switcheroo, we managed to fit in a lake vacation with my fam.  It was really great to get away from the city, soak up the sun, some laughs, and eat plenty of ice cream (my absolute must have every evening on vaca.)  It was really splendid.  PS the top pic is the view from my new desk...not too shabby huh?!

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