Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Wonders(Movie Edition)

I finally went to see My Week With Marilyn, which I have been dying to see since it came out.  It was great, and Michelle Williams did a brilliant job portraying Monroe.  Aside from that the thing that struck me most was the portrayal of Marilyn's severe lack of self confidence, and constant need for reassurance.   Even though her beauty was loved by so many she felt less than adequate and not sure of her capabilities.

I thought further about the many truly amazing people that have died young, almost before their great presence in society had really settled in.  Elvis, Jimmy Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, Marilyn Monroe, Martin Luther King Jr, John Lennon among many other celebrities, great anonymous people that you may know, and societal leaders whose impact may have been felt in a greater way after their death.  I feel sometimes as though the individuals that are put on this earth for a short time move people in ways that others just don't have the power to do.  Their message resonates when they are gone, and no longer have the ability to say anything further.  We are left with a clear and unshakeable image of them, one that will never change, which makes it easy to cherish and look up to.  It's like these figures are only long enough for the world to touch people in a different way and then move on.  They are too beautiful, passionate, smart, or creative to stick around...their greatness is present forever even though they are not.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Balmain Pre Fall

So instead of posting images of me decked out in multiple long sleeve tees and a dirty hoodie, which unfortunately has been my uniform as of late do to the never ending fire cleanup I figured I would post something a lot more appealing!  The Balmain pre fall collection is gorgeous.  The leather jackets and silky pants had me at hello!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Wonders

Sleeping and recovery were the theme of this weekend!!!  After cleaning up after the store fire all week, I was exhausted.  Plus a snow storm on Saturday morning made it really easy to stay in and keep cozy.  We watched movies, ate take out, and caught up on reading.  By Sunday afternoon I was ready to be productive, and naturally I decided to bake.  Donut muffins with cinnamon cream cheese frosting to be exact...they were healthy until Mike insisted I add icing!

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Coppelia is a Cuban diner that opened up around the corner from my apartment several months ago now. I kept forgetting about it until in a crunch for a brunch place that wasn't mobbed on a Sunday afternoon I remembered.  The food is fantastic and cheap!!!  They serve eggs al day is many spicy varieties, and have one of the best homemade ice cream sandwiches that I have ever had.  The one unfortunate thing is that when I leave I am always over stuffed and really just feel like falling asleep.  So when I decided to go here on my lunch break with Alex, I was pretty much useless after eating a pulled pork salad and a corn empanada.
I realize after while writing this that I didn't take any pictures of the food!  I guess it is all about the atmosphere for me, and this place is super cute.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Jeans: Jean Shop, Tee: Gap, Blouse: Blaque Label, Blazer: J. Crew, Boots: via Yoox, Bracelet: Custom

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Weekend Wonders

There were high hopes for this three day weekend.  A couple of errands to run, a date night, and some down time, but in reality a whole different weekend was planned for me from above.  I came down with a cold last week (this being like the fifth cold I've gotten this winter,) which only got worse with a fever Friday night.  Then Saturday morning I got a call from my boss saying that we had a fire in one of our stores.  I reported there immediately and spent the day cleaning up the damage (Could have been way worse.)  Things started shaping up when I got home...even though I was exhausted I decided to shower and dress for our date night.  We tried a really great Indian restaurant called Bombay Talkie, and after sitting down I realized that Mick Jagger was seated at the table behind us!!  I must say I was a bit star struck.  I took a very bad pic illustrated above.
Sunday and Monday were mellow.  I nursed my cold, made chicken soup, and watched Netflix on my iPhone, while Mike parused the inter webs, and Zep slept by my side.  Very nice indeed.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Taka Taka

I love to eat anything that is spicy.  So when my boss and I were starving one afternoon after walking all over SoHo in hopes of finding a new retail location (in the pouring rain) and he suggested going in to Taka Taka I immediately caved.  Mexican sushi and Japanese tacos hhhmmmm...  Well it turns out it is now my new favorite place.  The food there is the type that pops up in dreams, and in sparse silent moments comes to mind accompanied by the most intense craving.
I decided that if I were going to become addicted to said restaurant I might as well have Mike try it out as well.  So on New Year's Day we ventured there for lunch.  I promptly ordered everything that looked good i.e.. every spicy sushi roll on the menu, and we ate until we were bursting.  Did I mention that a variety of sushi rolls come around on a conveyor, and you can choose to pick up any of them?!  Yes, there is a number coded menu that tells you which is which, and you can grab until your heart's content stomach's bulging and screaming at you to stop the madness.
I went there again today for lunch by myself.  After a hard week of work, and the fact that it was 4:30pm and I had still not taken lunch, I decided I deserved it, plus it is right down the block from the showroom where I was working, and frankly why not?!  Not only was I able to indulge in spicy sushi and miso soup (with jalapeños,) but the waiter told me I looked like Drew Barrymore and I must get that a lot.  This is what I call a win win situation.
 Happy long weekend my friends!  Stay cozy!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Listening Lately


Most recently whenever I have the chance to listen to some music, this album is what I instantly want to hear.  The ethereal sound of her voice combined with the instrumentals instantly gives me the chills.  It is one of those albums that seems appropriate for any mood or moment.  Mike hates he enjoys music, most of the time, for the instrumentals rather than the lyrics and voice.  This almost makes it even more special for me since it has become sort of special and my very own when I do get time to enjoy these melodies.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


leggings: victoria's secret, tank dress: old navy, long sleeve tee: gap, cardigan: raf, vest: black, boots: j. crew, bag: etta, necklace, next boutique, scarf: diesel, ear warmer: free people, sunglasses: diesel

Monday, January 09, 2012

Weekend Wonders

Oh glorious weekend...where did you go?!  I think the thing I love most about weekends is being on my own time.  I can do as I please and take as much time as I like to do anything.  It is truly the best.  With that said most of my weekends turn out to be a whole lot of lazing around.  This weekend was no exception.  Saturday Mike and I ventured out in hopes of catching the Carsten Holler exhibit at the New Museum before it leaves town.  Someone had other plans...the line wrapped around the block.  I should have known as it leaves the 15th, and Mike is impatient.  I will longingly view it through pictures instead.  After that, we decided to check out the Warby Parker holiday spectacle, also at the last possible second (Saturday was the last day.)  Surprise, surprise, it was totally mobbed!  However no line, so we tried a couple pairs of glasses on, and were on our way.  What a cool concept anyway!!

Beyond that we did a lot of nothing.  I made pesto from scratch, which turned out to be a success, and read through half of As Always, Julia, leaving me wishing I could go back in time to experience an era when time was taken to write letters and perfect recipes and relationships, where the general public actually cared about the state of the government, and it was possible to take a 3 month summer break.  It is a really great book, and I am completely immersed!

In other news, I painted my nails for the first time in months.  They promptly chipped later while I was in the kitchen making dinner.  This reminded me why my nails have been bare.  So annoying!  

Friday, January 06, 2012


leggings: diesel, long sleeve tee: rick owens, shirt dress: hard tail, boots: diesel, necklace: ??

Tuesday, January 03, 2012


via Pinterest

It's always difficult to narrow down a manageable amount of improvements to make in the new year.  I, for one, have a very many things that I feel I could improve upon to better myself and my impact on the people around me.  This new year, however, I have decided that happiness is the key.  If I am happy, I can make others happy, simple as that. So, in order to do this Mike and I made joint resolutions, and I added a couple personal goals to ensure that 2012 is great, and that we can continue beyond this year happier than we have been in the past because after all, what more is there to life than improving yourself and feeling more fulfilled?!  Here goes:

Our resolutions:

Spend no money on clothes, shoes, or other unnecessary items until June 2012.
Have two dates a month.
Love more and argue less.
work on controlling anxiety.

My resolutions:

Blog at least 3 times a week.
Enjoy more moments in the present.

That's it...Any resolutions that you are working on in 2012?  An even numbered year...I think those tend to be better.

Monday, January 02, 2012

Week of Wonders (Holiday Edition)

Here is the recap in photos of my holiday week.  It was a time for family, snuggling, warm fires, and lots of cookies.  It was really nice, and is definitely going to be hard to go back to work tomorrow.  We rang in the New Year at home with take out chinese, cucumbertinis, and a family guy marathon.  It was the perfect end to the craziness of 2011.  I will fill you in on some of my resolutions this week.  I hope all of you had a relaxing and happy holiday season.