Monday, January 09, 2012

Weekend Wonders

Oh glorious weekend...where did you go?!  I think the thing I love most about weekends is being on my own time.  I can do as I please and take as much time as I like to do anything.  It is truly the best.  With that said most of my weekends turn out to be a whole lot of lazing around.  This weekend was no exception.  Saturday Mike and I ventured out in hopes of catching the Carsten Holler exhibit at the New Museum before it leaves town.  Someone had other plans...the line wrapped around the block.  I should have known as it leaves the 15th, and Mike is impatient.  I will longingly view it through pictures instead.  After that, we decided to check out the Warby Parker holiday spectacle, also at the last possible second (Saturday was the last day.)  Surprise, surprise, it was totally mobbed!  However no line, so we tried a couple pairs of glasses on, and were on our way.  What a cool concept anyway!!

Beyond that we did a lot of nothing.  I made pesto from scratch, which turned out to be a success, and read through half of As Always, Julia, leaving me wishing I could go back in time to experience an era when time was taken to write letters and perfect recipes and relationships, where the general public actually cared about the state of the government, and it was possible to take a 3 month summer break.  It is a really great book, and I am completely immersed!

In other news, I painted my nails for the first time in months.  They promptly chipped later while I was in the kitchen making dinner.  This reminded me why my nails have been bare.  So annoying!  

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