Tuesday, January 03, 2012


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It's always difficult to narrow down a manageable amount of improvements to make in the new year.  I, for one, have a very many things that I feel I could improve upon to better myself and my impact on the people around me.  This new year, however, I have decided that happiness is the key.  If I am happy, I can make others happy, simple as that. So, in order to do this Mike and I made joint resolutions, and I added a couple personal goals to ensure that 2012 is great, and that we can continue beyond this year happier than we have been in the past because after all, what more is there to life than improving yourself and feeling more fulfilled?!  Here goes:

Our resolutions:

Spend no money on clothes, shoes, or other unnecessary items until June 2012.
Have two dates a month.
Love more and argue less.
work on controlling anxiety.

My resolutions:

Blog at least 3 times a week.
Enjoy more moments in the present.

That's it...Any resolutions that you are working on in 2012?  An even numbered year...I think those tend to be better.

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