Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Weekend Wonders

There were high hopes for this three day weekend.  A couple of errands to run, a date night, and some down time, but in reality a whole different weekend was planned for me from above.  I came down with a cold last week (this being like the fifth cold I've gotten this winter,) which only got worse with a fever Friday night.  Then Saturday morning I got a call from my boss saying that we had a fire in one of our stores.  I reported there immediately and spent the day cleaning up the damage (Could have been way worse.)  Things started shaping up when I got home...even though I was exhausted I decided to shower and dress for our date night.  We tried a really great Indian restaurant called Bombay Talkie, and after sitting down I realized that Mick Jagger was seated at the table behind us!!  I must say I was a bit star struck.  I took a very bad pic illustrated above.
Sunday and Monday were mellow.  I nursed my cold, made chicken soup, and watched Netflix on my iPhone, while Mike parused the inter webs, and Zep slept by my side.  Very nice indeed.

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