Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Thoughts on Societal Pressure

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Yesterday another talented member of the fashion industry ended their life.  L'Wren Scott seemingly had it all; An iconic longterm partner, a successful clothing line, talent, and legs for days.  Obviously something was amiss, and a continued existence must have seemed to hard to bare.

I often think about the pressure of my little life.  Sometimes it seems to be so much.  Expectations exist for work, appearance, and finances.  It is hard to escape them.  Then I think about what it must be like to be in the spotlight, which creates an even greater strain for perfection.  It had become such a problem.  So many talented people, both famous and not, are turning to drug addictions or suicide to escape.  How many people do we have to lose until things change?  The hamster wheel of life is killing people, and society as a whole turns a blind eye.  It weighs on my mind.

In an attempt to free myself I try to not let the daily grind bog me down.  Work is hard, living in New York is a challenge, and the drive to get ahead can be overwhelming, but there is solace in each moment.  If you make time to treat yourself well and breathe, the things that anger,upset, and stress pass.  You are again left with the moment and your breath.

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