Saturday, January 19, 2013

Weekend Musing

This makes me wish I were in Miami instead of in cold NYC.

However,  I will make the best of today.  Another event has occurred in my life, well in my family's life to remind me once again how important each moment is.  You don't have many, and to waste any of them is such a shame.  Life is so precious.  The times with the people that you love are precious.  So instead of wishing for the beach I will bask in the sunshine on this brisk day, laugh to myself at Mike's rambling frustration with eBay, order the shirt and blazer from J. Crew that I want even though my J. Crew card is almost maxed out, and love that I am alive and well.  Thank you Mary for the love that you bestowed upon my mom, and the spirit you have given to our family.   I feel like I knew you even though we had never met...and thank you for reminding me again to live life as I see fit, every moment and everyday.  I know you will continue to grace my mom with your positive presence and protect her in mind and body.

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  1. Thank you precious daughta, for your lovely tribute to my soul sister. She would love it. You have managed, in a few sentences, to use the words that I have been longing, in my scrambled head, to find: spirit, live life as I see fit, grace, and protect.

    I love you infinitely.


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