Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend Wonders (Oscars Edition)

via Daily Beast

Truth be told I didn't even watch the Oscars as I don't have cable, but that didn't stop me from frantically looking for images from the red carpet.  Needless to say I was severely underwhelmed by the outfit selections this time around.  I mean really bad!  Above are the two ladies that made my heart skip a bit, such gorgeous selections I must say.  Michelle Williams brings a whole new meaning to my beloved peplum in Louis Vuitton; Gwyneth Paltrow kills it in a simplistic beautiful Tom Ford.  Both dresses totally fit their individual style, which may be why they work so well.

In other news, there is no other news from my weekend.  It was pretty low key as usual.  We went consignment shopping again...big mistake.  Oh and we got frozen yogurt from 16 Handles.  That was amazing!  It's self serve yogurt (16 flavors to choose from) and every topping you could ever want. You pay by the pound when your done.  My new constant craving?!  I think so.

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  1. So correct, daughta! So much ruching! And what's with the buff"ness"? Why can't women just be women? It's either heroine chic or steroid sculpting.
    Perplexing. The beauty is in the body, ladies. It's already there, you were born with it. Geesh.

    Anyway, here's to you and your natural beauty - evident every day, every where, always.

    m oxoxoxooxoxox


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