Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lovely Day

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I hate when people say that they don't subscribe to Valentine's Day because it is a "marketing made" holiday.  It is in fact the feast day of Saint Valentine, a martyred saint who lost his life in the name of love.  I was raised Catholic, and took St. Valentine's name on my confirmation day, because I believe that love conquers all.  Every one of my greatest accomplishments and memories were all surrounded by love, and when times are rough I always try to remember that love will shine through and rescue me.  February 14th is a time to think about all of the people, places, and memories in your life that you love, have loved, and will love.  This is what should be celebrated and remembered on this day...and let's be serious, it is also an excuse to eat chocolate and bask in fresh flowers; really what's better than that?!

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