Thursday, December 08, 2011

Green Drinks (and other Vitamix creations!)

Sooo, I got my Christmas present from Mike early.  After watching several documentaries about eating raw food, I got freaked out, and ran to the nearest home store to buy a juicer from which I could extract the nutrients to battle diseases and stay healthy.  After looking at all of the juicers, and then further researching I found that my best option would be a Vitamix, a device that blends whole fruits and vegetables into the smoothie of my dreams.  However, I didn't have the resources for such a splurge.  Mike offered to get it for me, and I am so glad he did.  This thing is a kitchen magician!!  I have not only made green smoothies, but muffin batter, cappuccino, and piping hot soup as well!  It actually heats the soup as it is blending!  I know, I know, Zeppelin was skeptical too, but he has enjoyed green smoothies, soup, and muffins all with the help of this new toy!

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