Friday, October 28, 2011


Odellon Redon. A Edgar Poe 

Being alone and loneliness are strange things.  I don't spend a great deal of time alone really.  At work I am surrounded my people all day, living in NYC means there are millions of people walking in my footsteps, and I come home to a wildly excitable dog each evening.  All of this means that when I am alone I am lonely.  I enjoy peace and quiet, and have always been kind of a loner or one person kind of girl, but lately it seems like "alone" scares me.  I have found that in a city swarming with bodies, one can feel more alone than ever, and quiet stillness becomes eerie rather than peaceful.  Just throwing it out there in hopes that the feeling will subside after putting words on paper.

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  1. We're not in a huge city, but sometimes I feel this way because we don't know people here. I also feel it more when Paul is at work. Maybe it's just because I have two kids shrieking their brains out all day long. Know you're not really alone my friend. (((hugs)))


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