Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spending Hiatus

So I have decided to cease spending money on things I don't need, and oh how this pains me!!  For some this is their daily mindset: if it's not necessary than don't buy it.  For me I see endless possibilities with new clothes, shoes, accessories, etc... that could perk up my life in some way.  I genuinely love shopping as a way to pass time and soothe my nerves.  No matter how often I do it, it always feels like a special treat.  With this said I need to reel in my spending, and the only way for me to do this is to stop going into stores where I know I may find something I "have to have."  With that said, I can't help but see many nice things while browsing blogs and the interwebs sooo I plan to post them here in hopes that this could be a virtual closet for me to look back on.  I have set a 3 month goal...we'll see how I do.
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