Monday, November 22, 2010

Sweet Sunday

I spent the better part of the weekend lazing around doing a whole lot of nothing, but I couldn't resist the idea of baking something sweet to offer for Thanksgiving.  So with a little nudge from my fellow I decided to make these:  White Chocolate Pistachio Cranberry Cookies.

As you probably noticed the recipe calls for macadamia nuts.  Alas all I had in the house were pistachios so I decided to try it.  Phenomenal!!  The pistachio adds a really great flavor and compliments the cranberry quite well.
 One of the joys of living in NYC is being blessed with a small subpar oven.  I  try to keep a really close eye, but inevitably some of the cookies always burn.  This time it happened again as per usual.  While bidding on our christmas present to each other, (a new camera!!!!) the first batch bit the dust.
 Round 2 proved to be better!  They turned out very yummy indeed!  These definitely satisfied my craving for something sweet.
 This recipe definitely makes a reasonable amount of cookies especially if you add extra flour (about half a cup) which makes the finished product a bit more "cakey" than the original recipe would result in.
These will definitely be perfect to share with my family for a Thanksgiving dessert, and a change from all of the pie that will surely be gracing the table.

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